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Basics of Online Business without investment:

If you want to start a online small Business to sell your product you need the following things.

1.A website is which will tell your visitors about every things of your business and act as your web store or shop.

2.A good study of the online market prospective  who are selling the same product as you.

3.Selection of a appropriate location,country for your business looking for the demand of your product.

4.Now a days online Business is highly competitive,so you have to keep keen watch on the sellers of the same type of comodity online.

We are here to help you for getting the first and prime requirement i.e a website completely FREE of COST.

Visit the following links for getting a completely FREE website very easily and without any hassel.

1. Tazz Hosting   http://tazz.runhosting.com

2. Super Host     http://superhost.usa.cc

Configure your site as per your need to sell your product.

Attach an free email alias from Google for safe communication with your clients.

And finally sale your product keeping in mind that your buyers are your VIPS.

More Tips to be continued..